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  • Fantastic Selling market, North Texas

    Team Photo   We wanted to reach out to the Sellers out there,, and explain,, It IS certainly a great time to sell your home right now in North Texas,,,, However, Please utilize an experienced agent to represent YOU. There are So many ” tricks” of the trade, that can jump up and bite you as a seller,, and Your agent needs to know the in’s and Out’s of each phase of the selling process,, from start to finish, they need to be on YOUR side, watching and reviewing each step of the process for YOU. My team has over 11 years of buying and selling Real Estate in this competitive market,, and we have a handful of resources we can go to to get tough situations resolved, if needed.. More importantly, we will keep You updated on each step, as we go thru the contract, up to, and Including Closing day– and Much further..! . Call us to explain, Tom.,

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